Thursday, April 7, 2011

go mammoth!

last weekend dave and i scored some last minute tickets to a mammoth game (colorado's indoor lacrosse team). we had a great time and the mammoth even pulled off a win (a rarity for this season). i must say, it's funny to watch grown men (the players) fist fight over a game. it does make for exciting viewing though!

i'm posting this picture even though it was taken up at us...up is never a flattering angle!

in other news, tomorrow is my due date. remember how in this post i said my gut feeling was that baby girl was going to come early. well now we know to never trust my gut because it isn't very reliable. i'm hoping the lower back/tailbone pain that started yesterday is an indication she is moving in the right direction and might decide to grace us with her presence soon. i'm keeping my fingers crossed, but not my hopes up (if that is possible).

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