Wednesday, October 6, 2010

welcome october

there are a few things that always make it feel like october. the changing leaves, the cooler temperatures (we're finally getting a few cooler days that feel like fall), putting up halloween decorations (i still need to do), the tacky halloween yard decorations that spring up on my street (although i do appreciate their festivity...just not the inflatable decorations...and that goes for any holiday). but what really made it feel like october...general conference! as always, it was wonderful, inspiring, motivating and hopefully will be the springboard for me to make some good goals, establish better habits and become more christlike. we are so blessed to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth!!

saturday morning started out with our tradition of donuts and chocolate milk. i LOVE this tradition and based on logan's response to donuts, i think it is one he'll like too!

logan slept through pretty much both sessions on both days. it made dave and i's conference experience so nice! i'm thinking it will be the last time that we'll be "childless" while watching conference for a long time. but i did manage to take a couple of cute pictures of him snuggling and watching conference with his dad the little bit he was awake.

logan was fascinated with the mormon tabernacle choir

check out those lips (in the right picture)! he cracks me up. i love this kid!

welcome october!

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Amy said...

Yay for Conference! It was awesome, wasn't it? I love the pics of Logan watching, like he's hanging on every word.