Thursday, October 14, 2010

climbing kiddo

these are just a few of the places i frequently find logan (and actually got a picture of). he loves to climb onto, into and through anything he can (the dishwasher pictures are blurry because the only camera handy was on my phone).

other favorites include:
  • playing cars. i hear him "vrooming" constantly
  • reading books (being read to and also "reading" to himself and looking at the pictures). he especially likes ones about cars and trucks and he will do the actions when we read 5 little monkeys.
  • pushing buttons. turning on dave's x-box is a favorite because the button lights up green
  • drinking milk. he would drink it all day if he could. i think this is why his nail grow so fast too. i can't seem to keep up and he always has scratches on his face.
  • throwing balls. i must say, he has a pretty good arm too!
  • taking a bath. he can be fussy and the second he gets into the bath he is suddenly a happy camper. he crawls around, throws things, splashes and tries to drink the water (and i try to stop that before it happens)
  • chasing his dad. since logan isn't walking yet the chasing occurs on the ground by crawling after dave. he crawls so fast i wonder if he'll ever see a need to walk ;)

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Maegan said...

What a cutie! Looks like he is so busy and so much fun.