Monday, June 15, 2009

class of 1999

saturday night i attended my 10 year high school reunion. it almost seems impossible that i have been out of high school that long. megan and i decided to brave the occasion together (and i know both of our husbands were more than happy to skip out on the evening). i figured if anything i would get some good food (the event was held at maggiano's) and i would get to hang out with megan for a night, which doesn't happen often enough. it ended up being great and it was fun to catch up with people i haven't seen since high school. 

here were a few of megan and i's observations from the night:
  • you got real good at summing up 10 years in about 3 sentences. main points included: where you live, what you do, relationship status, number and ages of kids if applicable. really a sign around your neck could have hit all the major points!
  • everyone looked pretty much the same. this shocked me. of course some had changed, but for the most part everyone looked just like they did 10 years ago (especially the girls)
  • everyone still gravitated toward their "groups" from high school. it was funny to look around and see who was hanging out with who. not much changes in 10 years (or else everyone reverts back to how things were).
it was a fun night and i'm glad i went. after all, you only have one 10 year reunion, right?! since i didn't take any pictures of the night, i decided to include pictures from the memorial day bbq my friend maegan put on this year. it was actually a little HS reunion of sorts, although most of us have been friends since elementary school (or earlier). it was so fun to be together. 

the girlies. megan, ashley, maegan and i have been friends for as long as i can remember. it was great having ashley in town from wisconsin. we were happy to meet chelsea at the bbq and see who shayne ended up with. 

i love these girls! who knows what we were laughing about. maybe they were making fun of my chubby, swollen feet (i wouldn't blame them, they're quite the sight)!

freshman year buddies. after our freshman year in high school shayne and his family moved to montana. i think the last time we saw him was at his mission farewell, almost 10 years ago! time has flown by and somehow we have grown up...or at least got older. the next picture is evidence of that. 

all the cute kiddos lined up. a representative from the wessler family will soon be joining the crowd (hopefully soon...hint, hint little man)

dave caught jake in action. talk about a classic picture!


Arianne said...

I'm sad we missed it. Wish we could have gone. I'm glad you guys had fun. & Congrats on almost being a mommy!

Corinne said...

I am headed to mine in a few weeks...not sure if I'm excited or not?? Are you really having a baby in 20 days...that is a very little belly you have! Good luck with everything!

Amy said...

Looks like a fun evening. Danny and I missed ours last year. Glad you didn't miss out on yours.