Sunday, June 28, 2009


we've done quite a bit of celebrating this june. the big cause for celebration was the marriage of sterling and kari (dave's sister). there were so many pictures of all the festivities it was hard to narrow it down (if you click on the collage you can actually see the small pictures). the fun included: kari's bachelorette party downtown to a hilarious "girls only" comedy show (it was even clean...imagine clean comedy...what a revolutionary idea), the wedding rehearsal (where dave had to stand in for a minute for the groom...nothing like "marrying" your sister), the rehearsal dinner at maggiano's (which i have posted more than once how much i love their food), a family pizza party and of course the big day - complete with a beautiful bride, some tears (even from the groom, although he will deny it),  a fantastic reception, and plenty of rocking out on the dance floor (i was in heaven)!

the beautiful bride and groom! we are sooo happy for them! 
all the wessler kids are hitched now!

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