Sunday, May 17, 2009

wessler family fun!

for the last month it seems like there has constantly been something to celebrate in our family including:
  • erin's birthday (dave's sister). she and her husband john live in utah, but were in town for the big day!
  • kari's bridal shower (dave's other sister). it was quite the shindig, complete delicious food such as tuxedo chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate dipped fortune cookies! they really know how to throw a party!
  • kari's birthday (the end of april and beginning of may is a busy time in the wessler family)
  • sterling's college graduation and graduation party (kari's soon to be hubby)

it's been such a fun month and the celebrating will continue with pete's birthday (my father in law) and kari's wedding! we can't wait!

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