Sunday, May 17, 2009

weekend randomness

some of my random thoughts...
1. today after church dave and i were sitting on the floor in our dining room eating cereal (we love cereal. if it wasn't so expensive i think we could live off of it). we lost our kitchen table, which means we usually eat sitting on the couch these days. apparently it was time for a change of scenery and so dave chose the floor. i guess technically we didn't lose our table. we know where it went. dave's sister has been kind enough to let us use her table for the past (almost) 2 years. but we knew eventually she would want it back and that day came a couple of weeks ago. so we are checking out craigslist to see what kind of table we can score. anyway, we are sitting on the floor, eating cereal...i'm having golden grahams and dave's eating captain crunch with crunch berries. i think we were laughing about something stupid and suddenly i thought, "someone is actually going to let us have a kid?!" sometimes i feel like we aren't old enough (although in terms of the mormon timeline we actually are pretty old for having our first kid). i guess often times it's that we don't act like we are that old (or maybe we just don't act mature). but even when our little guy comes (in 53 days), we're not giving up our "kid" cereal...even if we are supposed to act like adults!

2. i have some major cankles going on. my feet swelled up on friday and haven't quite deflated yet. who knows, maybe the cankles are here to stay for the next couple of months. 

3. those that have ever watched a movie or tv show with me might recall that i become very engaged in what i am watching. as in, sometimes i get so caught up in the story and it's almost like the characters become real to me. this means i cry easily (even when i'm not pregnant) and sometimes feel a little devastated when things don't work out how i had hoped. it also means that when a show ends i sometimes feel a bit of a void in my life and/or become frustrated with how the show ended. it happened when gilmore girls ended (yes, i cried during the series finale). many months ago dave and i started watching "scrubs." we are now the proud owners of season 1-7 and last night watched the season (and most likely series) finale. it was one of the first times that i have been please with how a show ends. yes, i cried and feel like i will miss my scrubs "friends," but overall i feel a good sense of closure (and we even re-watched the last scene again...i loved it). yes, i know it's just a tv show and as i type this i know how ridiculous it all sounds. oh well! now you know to beware of "random" posts. 

4. i got to see some old friends that i just don't get to see enough this weekend at a baby shower. that of course meant we had to take a few pictures.

jen zajacs, summer tenney (who the shower was for) and me

my old roomie skye

me at 32 (and a half) weeks and jen showing off. this picture is actually designed to start some wild rumors. jen is not pregnant but puffed out her shirt for the picture. we'll see how many people just look at pictures on this blog and don't read the text! :)


Cronin Family said...

First, I am impressed that you were able to sit on the floor while bending over to eat when you only have 53 days left. And second, isn't cereal the best food ever? Your little baby will love you so much more when he is a teenager because you understand that eating cereal for lunch is just so yummy.

Jessica said...

You're too funny. Since you mentioned cereal being too expensive I wanted to give you this link It's a blog a friend of mine made who LOVES cereal. His obsession has lead to finding great coupons and deals so they can stock up. Happy eating!!

Jaimie said...

Oh my! I never read the text on these blog I just look at pictures and I was honestly about to hurry and call Jonathan to ask if he knew Jen was pregnant lol good thing I read it :)