Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where is Christmas?

OK, so I told myself that after I told you all about my job with the Art Institute, that I would never post something on this blog ever again. That I know is a lie because when our little baby comes I'll be putting up pictures. I know it's shocking, but we can all get over it (I know I will never live this down from Stephanie either). Anyway I wanted to share something I've been thinking about the last week or so.
Charlie Brown wandered around trying to figure out where Christmas went, and what the true meaning of Christmas is. I myself have been wondering the same thing. Our Christmas tree is nicely decorated, and our creches are displayed with pride. The houses down the street are decorated with light up deer, and frosty the snow man inflatables, and the house on the corner of Hampden is complete with Santa in a classic car getting gas. I love all of these things, and yet it doesn't feel like Christmas! WHERE HAS CHRISTMAS GONE?!! Where is the excitement, and anticipation? Where are the feelings of gratitude and thanksgiving? Where has Christmas gone?

So my only glimmer of hope has been listening to Alice 105.9 as they hook up families who are able help this holiday season with families who are in need. The morning show helped less fortunate families give their kids somewhat of a Christmas. As I listened to one particular story of a boy and his mom who have been saving for 8 months to buy a Nintendo Wii give that money up so that another little boy could have something to open Christmas morning, I began to feel that spirit. To most it wouldn't seem like much, but that little boy gave what to him was most precious.

After listening to that story I thought about the song "The Little Drummer Boy". This song is about a small boy who wished to worship the new born Christ child but had no gifts of gold, or anything of worldly worth, but he gave what he had, a song from his drum. Then BOOM! There it was, the spirit of Christmas! It's been here all along. I've been so tightly wound with so many other things, I missed it. It was there when I gave my lunch to a homeless lady on the street corner, or when we were shopping for the giving tree at church, or it was there when we were doing priesthood visits with a new member, and we were talking about how we all fear at one point or another being a priesthood holder. Small, insignificant gifts that were much to me, but might make a world of difference to those we give to.
I know that we are looking forward to tearing into those brightly wrapped packages sitting underneath the tree, but take these next few days to open the bible, and read about the small gift Heavenly Father sent us a little over 2,000 years ago. Take the time to reflect on the gifts that have been given, both spiritual and physical.
Where has Christmas gone? It's still here, I guess we just need to stop and look a little harder for it. Merry Christmas everyone!


stephanie and dave said...

what a christmas treat for me (i am still getting over the shock that you posted again)! i love you baby!

Seth Jenson said...

What a nice post! Happy New Year!!