Thursday, December 4, 2008

the small things

it’s often the small daily things that matter most…especially in relationships. last night it was almost time to go to bed (since i’ve been having trouble staying awake at work we’re trying to go to bed earlier). there were still dishes from dinner in the sink and i hate leaving dishes undone…especially overnight (i'm a little ocd when it comes to dishes). my sweet husband told me to go read blogs for 10 minutes before bed :) and he went and did the dishes. now dave is always good about helping around the house (including dishes) and he had already made dinner that night (so really i was on dish duty), but he did it anyway. it really was a small thing but meant a lot to me. i sure love him. he makes me want to be better. so everyone go do small (or big if you’d like) acts of service for others. it will make others..and you...happy. what better way to celebrate this season than to serve like the one we celebrate did.

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Chris said...

You married a good egg, Steph.