Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Time

after a loving rebuke from my sister-in-law erin, i am back from my blogging sabbatical! we got a jump start on a fun thanksgiving the night before with a visit from my friend andrea and her sister carmel. they stayed with us for the night on their way to washington dc and are officially our first house guests (or apartment guests if you want to get technical). it was so fun to visit and i had to make sure i didn't keep andrea up too late talking since she had a full day of driving the next day...and the next day. after a delicious breakfast cooked by dave on thanksgiving morning, they were on their way to kansas city and i was on my way to "boot camp" at the gym. it was an hour and a half long class and was KILLER! but i sure felt good about eating lots of good food at my parents house later in the afternoon.

we had a great afternoon with my parents, great food and a great thanksgiving message from my mom reminding us what this great holiday is all about. thanks mom and dad for a a wonderful day!

following dinner we headed to dave's parent's house for some more good food...dessert! we enjoyed some delicious pie and great company hanging out with them. thanks pete and kathy for saving us some pie (we've enjoyed the leftovers this week) and for a fun night.

our first thanksgiving! we're so grateful we could spend it with our wonderful families...well, part of our families. we missed the rest of you guys and wish we could have all been together.

sealing a great day with a kiss...and a little laughter!
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Gina said...

I love hearing about all of your "firsts" together! Sounds like a fun thanksgiving. Way to get to the gym on Thanksgiving day! You never cease to surprise me.

Kristen said...

Gross...a kissing picture :)