Wednesday, August 28, 2013

six years!

at the beginning of august dave and i celebrated our sixth anniversary! our anniversary was on a sunday, so while dave was at church i made a little heart collage on the wall of some of our memories over the past six years. it was so fun to reminisce on some of the things we've done together.  
that afternoon we headed to the temple to walk around the grounds. as amazing and wonderful as that day was 6 years ago when we were married, it was especially sweet to return to the temple on our anniversary with 3 little people in tow and see how much fuller life is now! i'm so grateful that we were sealed together 6 years ago so that we can be a family forever.
i love this guy so much! our anniversary was one week after connor was born and i was reminded over and over again that week what a great choice i made six years earlier in choosing to marry dave, as he took care of everyone and everything so i could rest and recover. it was true, real love exemplified!
in one of his letters to emma, joseph smith wrote, “my heart is entwined around yours forever and ever.” i feel the same way.

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