Friday, December 28, 2012

november in review

in an attempt to get back on the blogging bandwagon, i discovered a bunch of pictures from november i never posted. so here comes a bunch of pictures all dumped into one post (get used to it because you'll see one for december too ;)
cheesecake samples at costco. i have learned to never go to costco without a bib for this girl if there are going to be samples around! 
impromptu tea party at pottery barn kids
fingerpainting. good thing it's non-toxic, although still not recommended for eating, emma!
 photography by logan.
he's been very into taking pictures with our camera and sometimes he does a really good job. it's fun to see his perspective on things. 
my favorite cereal: quaker oh's

emma's date with daddy to the temple (here was logan's). i love that dave takes them there and that they're learning the temple is a special place from a young age. 
 i like dave's shadow next to her in this picture
 we had pete, kathy, kari, sterling and collin over for dinner one night to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of pete adopting dave and kari (it seems like we were just celebrating 20 years, crazy how time flies). it's such a special event to celebrate because it has made all the difference in dave's life (and i'm sure kari's too). and this time there were grandkids there to help celebrate too!
 looking at old photos
we pulled out the bumbo for when collin was over and emma took full advantage of it until i put it away!
nana builds awesome tents
 we were able to babysit collin and logan and emma were so happy to have him over!
 logan was showing collin a video of he and emma dancing to gundam style. collin is enthralled! ha!
 and emma showed collin how fun it is to completely empty any bag lying around. she is a master at it.
 she found collin's shades while going through kari's diaper bag and had to give them a try
 logan giving emma a hug, although it looks strangely similar to a headlock ;)

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