Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the weekend

not this past weekend though. i am behind. but the weekend before that we enjoyed two quality days at home listening to men and women of god speak. it was wonderful! i was reminded what a blessing it is that god still communicates with us today and i was reminded of many areas that i can improve. since then we've been enjoying todd family insights, as each member of my family shares (via email) their thoughts about conference. my mom started this "tradition" a few sessions (or years ago) and it has been fun to learn from one another, even though we are separated by distance.
i had managed to get some laundry going on saturday before the sessions, but hadn't quite managed to put new sheets on our bed. that didn't matter to dave though. he decided to grab a quick nap before the priesthood session (you can barely see his head sticking out). after taking this picture i couldn't resist, i jumped in and enjoyed a nice little snooze with him. i could use more saturdays like that!

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