Sunday, December 16, 2007

the kbco tradition continues

for the last couple of years dave has joined his dad to wait in line for the kbco studio c album. studio c is at a local radio station where popular artists come and play acoustic versions of their songs. it has become really prestigious for artists to play studio c and once a year they release an album. this year is the 19th volume and they only make 50,000 of them and they were only available at select cricket stores . dave and his dad were hardcore and got in line at 6:15 am and it was a COLD saturday. the doors to the store opened at 8:00 am and that was when i showed up and hopped in line for my first studio c album experience (kathy, kari and sterling arrived at about 7:30). when i arrived at 8:00 it was only 8 degrees...we're talking cold! we finally made it into the store at 10:00 and got our cds (a limit of 2 cds per person...we made a little money selling the extras on ebay). afterward we headed to a diner for breakfast and to warm up. it was a fun and cold morning.

crazy, cold guys
all of us trying to stay warm

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